Trance brings people together

The Blizzard & Friends is an event concept that provides an opportunity for you and your local Trance community to connect, experience and share with The Blizzard in an intimate, friendly and casual setting.

These events are not held at commercial venues or open to the general public, but are private parties for friends to relax, socialise and enjoy some great music. It could be a BBQ, pool party, summer drinks with friends or even a pre-party for a club event. Usual locations are a private house or backyard, but it is also fun to use alternative spaces such as a beach cabin, a lookout over the mountains, or a rooftop in the city. Anywhere is possible!

How to Make it Happen?
Simply contact us and we’ll have a chat about the possibilities. We need to consider dates, location and expenses, so make sure you contact us early! The most important thing for us is to connect with the local Trance Family – this is not a money-making venture for us.

The process will be quicker if you already have a plan to present us. Individuals are most welcome to organise with us, but we suggest getting the support of your local Trance Family.

To make this happen:

• You’ll need to organise a casual event in your home city on the weekend. The city location can be up to a few hours flying distance from Oslo, Norway (where we are based). London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, for example. We may consider places outside Europe; however, this would require more planning and finances, of course.

• You’ll need to provide airfare and accommodation for two people, which can be a room in a private house or a hotel. It would also be generous to provide an artist host who can help us get around and be our guide.

• It is expected that the event will have a quality DJ desk and such equipment for use.

Other than that, we are open to all possibilities of making a fantastic The Blizzard & Friends for the locals.

What about costs?
We want to make The Blizzard & Friends affordable for everyone. Our aim is to create a great local event with minimal costs.

Crowdfunding is a great way for everyone in a community to contribute. A local Trance Family can work together to raise funds for our airfares, accommodation, and other necessary transport expenses. Or, we can be sponsored and the partner can collect funds to cover costs. We are not looking for artist fees, and as such, event organisers should not be using this venture to make a profit for themselves. However, we love the idea of using an event to raise money for environmental causes, such as polar bear habitat protection.

Next Step
The possibilities are endless. Let’s make it happen!

If you want us to visit your local Trance scene and create a The Blizzard & Friends event, pitch us your idea.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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